We always love volunteers. There are many ways to get involved as a volunteer. To learn more about our volunteer program please visit our Contact Us page and shoot us a quick email!


We have two groups of dedicated volunteers that support us (learn more below). Please contact us to learn more about getting involved.

Day of Event Volunteers

The Day of Event Volunteers are extremely important, these volunteers often help stage (set-up) our parade units in Topsham, and will support these units as they travel down the road to Brunswick. Once in Brunswick, this group of volunteers will help support units off of Main St in Brunswick and often assist with the observance and activities on the Brunswick Mall.

Committee Members

Our Volunteer Committee is a group of dedicated year round supporters that help engage the community and plan the annual activities for Memorial Day in and around Brunswick-Topsham. This group supports the community on the day of events, as well as preparing for the events prior to the parade.