Socially Distant Observances

A Message from the Committee

Friends and Neighbors:

Each year, we gather to honor, celebrate, and remember those who have served our country and lost their lives as a result. Each year, we gather along the historic streets of Brunswick and Topsham, on the mall, and along the river to celebrate the lives of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. This year, we will observe and honor for the same reason, however, our observances might look a little different.

Out of an abundance of caution, and in compliance with the Governor’s stay at home and socially distancing orders, the Brunswick-Topsham Memorial Day Parade and Observances will happen virtually. The safety of our community, participants, and committee is always at the center of our work. Our team is working diligently with partners in the community to share observances with our community to honor and celebrate those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

This year, we will be unable to hold our annual parade, however, there are still ways for you, your family, and your community to celebrate and honor. We encourage you to visit the resting places of loved ones who served, hold mini-parades in your neighborhood for veterans living nearby, share what Memorial Day means to you on your social media, and tune in to our virtual observances on Memorial Day.

We know that for many these services are an important part of the honoring and remembrance of loved ones and we hope that we can help bring those important moments into your home.

Brunswick-Topsham Memorial Day Committee

Ways to Get Involved

Memorial Day is a time for the celebration, remembrance, and honoring of lives that have been lost in the protection of our country. This Memorial Day, that goal is no different. However, the ways we honor those who have served may look a little different. This year, our observances will happen virtually. Here are a few ways that you may observe Memorial Day in a socially distant fashion:

  • Visit loved ones resting places;
  • Hold mini-parades in your neighborhood and community for veterans living nearby;
  • Share What Memorial Day Means To You on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram;
  • Tune in to the 2020 Brunswick-Topsham Memorial Day Observances.

Veteran’s Plaza in Brunswick will be getting some renovations, so, this year will be the last year that the plaza will take it’s current form. You can learn more about the changes to the plaza here.

Watch the Observances

Thank you to the participants that made this year’s online observances possible:
  • Alex Humphrey, Merrymeeting Community Band
  • Americanism Officer Joseph Donahue, Brunswick American Legion Post 20
  • Bode Matthews, Life Scout, Troop 202
  • Chaplain Read Rich
  • Cheryl Moore, Adjutant
  • Commander Bruce T. Stockford
  • Danielle Hawks, 2nd
  • Dave Watson, Commander, Brunswick American Legion Post 20
  • Eric Anderson, Chaplain
  • Jacob Burak, Life Scout, Troop 202
  • Jim Burak, Assistant Scoutmaster & Bugler
  • Joe Donahue, Commander American Legion District 8
  • John Faith, Brunswick Fire Department
  • Josh Sheehan, Brunswick Fire Department
  • Nancy Gillespie, Commander, Topsham American Legion Post 202
  • Officer Michael Clarke
  • Patrolman Joshua Bernier, Brunswick Police Department
  • Patrolman Matt Nicholson, Brunswick Police Department
  • Patrolman Whitney Burns, Brunswick Police Department
  • Senator Susan Collins
  • Sergeant Justin Dolci, Brunswick Police Department
  • Will Edwards, Life Scout, Troop 202
Thank you to the groups who made this year’s online observances possible:
  • American Legion Post 202
  • American Legion District 8
  • American Legion Post 20
  • Brunswick Fire Department
  • Brunswick Police Department
  • Merrymeeting Community Band
  • Scout Troop 202
  • Topsham Fire Department
  • Topsham Police Department
  • Town of Brunswick
  • Town of Topsham
  • Two Bridges Jail Honor Guard