Volunteer FAQ

What are the various positions?

The BTMDC is a fully volunteer group, from our day of event staff to our committee. Each of the positions is vital to our success year after year. Below is a brief description of the positions.

Committee Member (Year Round): A committee member is someone who plans the event throughout the year, supports the event on the day of the event, and works to secure sponsorships. This position is not always open.

Parade Setup (Morning): It takes a lot of work to get all of the parade units organized and in order. This position is great for early risers who want to support the parade efforts by assisting with day-of organizing.

Ceremony Setup (Mid-Morning): The ceremony on the mall is put on by volunteers and community members. This position supports the setup of AV equipment, chairs, and organizes guests as they arrive at the end of the parade.

What is the time commitment?

Memorial Day only happens once a year, non-committee volunteers are asked to participate on the day of the parade (a commitment of usually 3-5 hours). Committee volunteers often contribute about 4 hours a month throughout the year, with a few more hours a month as it gets closer to May.

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